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Get the high-quality carpet cleaning leads you deserve. 

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Campaign Building For Carpet Cleaning Companies

We give your campaign the best chance to get you top results with our expert lead generation team. Our methods have been tried and proven. We optimize all settings and options to give you the best edge over your competitors.

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Extensive Keyword Research

We have the data-based knowledge of what ranks and what doesn’t rank for optimal results. We do extensive keyword research specifically in the industry so that you can get the leads you are looking for!

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First-Rate Tracking

We closely keep track of all of our clients’ progress and results from campaign creation onward. Our methods involve testing and tracking so that we know what works best for you! We make data-driven moves as needed to keep your campaign competitive every step of the way.

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No Long Term Contracts

Stay because you’re making money- not because of a contract. We won’t tie you down long-term

How We Delivery Carpet Cleaning Leads

When it comes to getting carpet cleaning leads online, local search is king. 

Especially when you consider that 88% of searches on a mobile device turn into a call or a visit within 24 hours. 

In other words, these are people that want your service. 

We make sure your carpet cleaning business is there they second they go to Google so YOUR business can be the one they call. 

And that’s important to point out. 

These are people calling your brand, not ours. 

After all, these leads are 100% exclusive. 

So if you’re ready to breath new life into your carpet cleaning business with exclusive, high-quality leads click the button below to apply.

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“I’m in a VERY competitive market but Sixty-Four Leads has still delivered great leads.”

Michelle P.

Top Tier Carpet Cleaning

The Exclusive Lead Difference

Lead generation companies usually fall into one of two categories:

  •  Shared leads that go out to every carpet cleaner within a 100 mile radius
  • Exclusive leads based on a partnership with ONE carpet cleaner

I think you can already see the difference…

But who would you rather work with? 

When a lead generation company works with ONE carpet cleaning company, they’re all in. 

That’s why we think of what we do as a partnership. 

And that makes all the difference. 

Instead of trying to stack as many carpet cleaning companies as we can and making them fight over the same tired leads, we’re focused on growing your business. 

 But that also means we have to be a little picky with who we work with. 

So if you’re one of the best in your market but you just aren’t getting the leads you deserve…

Click the button below to apply. 


Find Out More About Carpet Cleaning Lead Generation

How Much Do Carpet Cleaning Leads Cost?

It’s impossible to give a set in stone lead price without first reviewing your specific market and budget. 

But you should know two things: 

  • We’re always working to bring our lead price DOWN and we’re consistently able to do this over time. 
  • Everything we do is backed by our Return-on-Investment Guarantee. So regardless of your lead price, our job is to make you money. 

So if you’re ready to start getting calls, closing jobs and increasing your bottom line click here to apply today. 



What About Contracts?

What about ’em?

We don’t use them and here’s why:

We want you to stay with Sixty-Four Leads because you’re making money and closing new carpet cleaning jobs, never because you’re stuck in some long term contract.

That’s simply not how we like to do business.

Once you get started, you’re free to cancel anytime.

Do You Work With Any Carpet Cleaning Company?

Not exactly. 

Because we only send leads to a single carpet cleaning company we have to be diligent about who we work with. 

That means we want to work with a carpet cleaning company that: 

  • Can handle more jobs. 
  • Doesn’t miss phone calls.
  • Answers the phone professionally. 
  • Provides high-quality service to every client. 

If that sounds like you and your business AND you’re ready to close more carpet cleaning jobs click here to apply. 


Are These Commercial Or Residential Leads?

We provide a mix of both commercial and residential carpet cleaning leads. However, the majority of leads are residential. 

Do You Use My Brand?


The reality is, many shared lead providers use their own brand to generate the leads.

That means their marketing efforts are actually designed to increase their brand visibility and not yours.

That’s not how we like to do business. 

Instead, everything is always done in your brand so customers start to recognize you as the carpet cleaning experts and never us. 

    Carpet Cleaning Lead Examples

    Wondering what kind of leads you can expect?

    Take a look at these examples: 

    • “We’re selling our 4 bedroom home on Thursday and need carpet cleaning for every upstairs room ASAP. Can you clean hardwood too?  “
    • “Can you give me a quote for carpet cleaning in 3 bedrooms. Two are smaller and one large master bedroom (25 by 15 I think). I also need a 6×6 area rug cleaned.”
    • “Hi, I’ve just sold a property near Coral Gables and the buyer wants the carpets cleaned. The home is 2400 sq ft and almost all carpet (except for the kitchen). Can you give me a quote?”
    • “I’d like two-rooms cleaned and maybe a third” 
    • “We had a ton of mud get dragged into our house last week and nothing I’m trying is getting it out. How much do you charge?
    • “I just had a tenant move out and need the carpets cleaned. “
    • “We need the lobby of our hotel cleaned. We’ve multiple areas that total about 1600 sq ft of carpet tiles.”
    • “We’ve got some very old carpet but we don’t want to replace it. We had it cleaned professionally a few years ago and it really made a difference. Please give me a call so we can schedule something. ”
    • “I need the lobby of my business cleaned. All carpet tiles and some regular tile if you’re able to do that too. “
    • “How much for a normal-sized condo? Ideally next week”
    • “I have a 10×10 area rug with a huge wine stain. Can you fix that?”
    • “Our house will be empty on the 21st and we’re looking to have all the carpets cleaned. What’s your availability?.”
    Is There A Guarantee?


    We offer a Return on Investment Guarantee. 

    The way it works is simple: we agree on the number of leads you’d need in order to see a return. 

    That lead number is based on your revenue per carpet cleaning job and your conversion rate. 

    If we can’t generate enough carpet cleaning leads, then you don’t pay us. 

    It’s that simple. 

    Sound like a company you’d like to work with? 

    Then click here to apply today. 

    How Many Carpet Cleaning Leads Can I Expect?

    It depends. 

    What’s your budget and your service area? 

    The bigger the service area and the more people in it, the more leads! 

    Want a more specific idea? 

    Click here to apply and we can talk about your specific area and budget. 


    How Soon Until I Start Seeing Leads?

    In most cases, you should expect to see your first lead as quickly as 14 days. Depending on your area and the set up it may be sooner or a little slower. 

    Why Work With You?

    You’ve probably searched for “carpet cleaning leads” and looked through a pile of sales pages. 

    So you’re wondering, “Why should I apply to work with Sixty-Four Leads?”

    We’ll keep it short: 

    • Return on Investment Guarantee (see above)
    • 100% Exclusive Leads

    What more do you need? 

    Are These 100% Exclusive?

    Every single lead is 100% exclusive. 

    While we can’t stop customers from calling multiple companies, we never share, split, or segment our leads. 

    How will you know for sure? 

    Because customers will call and ask for your business. 

    No apps, no third parties, and no runaround. 

    Just quality carpet cleaning leads directly to your business.  

    How Do I Know Which Leads You Sent?<br />

    You’ll have multiple ways of reviewing and understanding which calls came from us and which ones didn’t. 

    First, you’ll know as soon as you answer the phone. 

    We use what’s called a whisper message to notify you before you’re even connected with the caller. 

    From there, you’ll have 24-hour access to our backend where calls are recorded and tracked. 

    Finally, you’ll get a report at the end of every month showing you how many carpet cleaning leads we sent to your business. 

    Ready To Get Started?