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Get 100% Exclusive Mold Remediation Leads Directly To Your Phone

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Campaign Building For Mold Remediation Companies

We give your campaign the best chance to get you top results with our expert lead generation team. Our methods have been tried and proven. We optimize all settings and options to give you the best edge over your competitors.

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Extensive Keyword Research

We have the data-based knowledge of what ranks and what doesn’t rank for optimal results. We do extensive keyword research specifically in the industry so that you can get the leads you are looking for!

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First-Rate Tracking

We closely keep track of all of our clients’ progress and results from campaign creation onward. Our methods involve testing and tracking so that we know what works best for you! We make data-driven moves as needed to keep your campaign competitive every step of the way.

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No Long Term Contracts

Stay because you’re making money- not because of a contract. We won’t tie you down long-term

Where Do We Get Mold Remediation Leads? 

We make sure your mold remediation business is there the second a prospective customer needs your help. 

Every day thousands of people across the country turn to Google to find quick help for their major mold problems. 

Businesses are showing up in the search results, getting calls and closing jobs. 

And if you’re business isn’t the one that’s showing up then your competition is certainly there. 

The big difference is we make sure these customers are calling your business! 

There’s no completed phone tree that they get lost in and these are never shared leads. 

Instead, you get high-quality mold remediation leads sent directly to your phone. 

All you have to do from there is close. 

Sound good? 

Then click the button below to apply today. 

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“We closed 3 jobs this week. Well worth it.”

Jake L. 

Homestead Heros Mold Removal

We’re Not Your Average Lead Generation Company

What makes Sixty-Four Leads different from other leads generation companies? 

We only work with one mold remediation professional in any specific area. 

That means we’re all-in on your business instead of trying to push our leads to as many of your competitors as possible. 

In fact, we look at our work as a partnership. 


Because we both get to do what we’re best at everyone benefits. We deliver high-quality mold remediation leads directly to your phone and close the jobs and provide amazing service. 

Everyone wins. 

With shared leads on the other hand, we’d be trying to stack as many mold remediation contractors as can. 

Then, we’d send them all the same leads. 

What deal sounds better to you? 

An actual partnership or a race to the bottom with your competition?  

 If you’re ready to work with a lead generation company that’s all in on your business…

Then click the button below to apply today. 


Learn More About Mold Remediation Lead Generation

How Much Do Mold Remediation Leads Cost?

The cost per mold remediation lead varies by service but we always strive to get you the lowest cost per lead possible. 

We’re also one of the only lead generation companies that’s willing to offer a Return-on-Investment Guarantee. 

How does it work? 

We guarantee that we’ll deliver enough leads to get you a positive return on your investment. 

If we don’t, you simply don’t pay us. 

So wherever the lead price ends up, our goal is always to make you money. 

And we’re willing to back it up. 

Sound good? 

Then click here to apply today and let’s start getting you high-quality mold remediation leads today. 


Will I Be Locked Into A Contract?

Absolutely not. 

We don’t believe in forcing pressure washing professionals to stay on board because of a piece of paper they signed. 

Instead, we want partners to stay with us because of the paper they’re bringing in!

Do You Work With Any Mold Contractor?

We make it our mission to work with the best mold remediation company in any specific area.

Our business model depends on it. 

We need high-quality partners that can close jobs and provide amazing customer service. 

As you know, that excludes a lot of companies right off the bat. 

So the short answer is, no. We don’t work with any mold remediation company. 

We work with the best in that area. 

And the best DOESN’T mean the biggest. 

So if you think you’re one of the best in your area but you’re just missing the leads, click here to apply today, and let’s change that.

Are These Insurance Jobs?

We don’t specifically target insurance jobs but many calls will be home or business owners with insurance. 

The split between insurance and no insurance varies by area and you should expect a similar ratio to what you’re already seeing in your area. 

How Much Of My Time Will This Take?

You’re already busy and spending hours a week babysitting a marketing company doesn’t make any sense. 

But as crazy as that sounds, it’s a real situation that many business owners find themselves in all the time. 

That’s not how we do business. 

Here’s are the next steps you can expect: 

  • After you apply here, we’ll schedule a 30-minute call. 
  • We’ll collect some basic onboarding information on our call.
  • Then you answer the phone and close mold remediation jobs like you already do. 

That’s it. 

No weekly calls, apps to babysit, or passwords to remember. You simply do what you already do and close jobs as they come in through your phone. 

Is The Lead Generation Done With My Brand?

If you’ve worked with any kind of shared lead providers in the past, you already know that they’re focus is often on building their brand…not yours. 

Think about it. 

Customers go to a large branded directory and just pick the cheapest contractor. 

They aren’t thinking about your business or your brand. 

That’s not how we do business at Sixty-Four Leads. 

Everything we do is in your brand. That means customers are calling you and expecting YOUR business to answer and close the lead. 

Not ours. 

That also means that customer remember your brand- not ours. 

We think it’s a better way to do lead generation. 

If you agree, click here to apply today, and let’s started growing your brand with high-quality mold remediation and removal leads. 

    Mold Remediation Lead Examples

    Wondering what kind of leads you can expect?

    Here are some examples of leads we’ve generated for our mold remediation partners:

    • “I have a tenant that just moved out and I’ve now got a bunch of black mold all along the wall in the garage. It looks like they never noticed or reported a leak from the first-floor bathroom. I need someone to come out and figure out what’s going and give me a quote on remediation. Can you work directly with our insurance?”
    • “We’ve got some light mold in the kitchen and I’m afraid of it. Can you come out and do a safe removal?”
    • “We just had an inspection and need some mold removed. I had no idea it was there but it looks pretty set in. Please give me a call.”
    • “HELP! Our home is going on the market in two days and has been vacant for two week with a leak behind the water heater. Now we’ve got MOLD and I need it GONE ASAP. Please call ASAP” 
    • “I just purchased a new commercial unit on the corner of Broadway and Federal and I’ve got a bathroom full of mold. Need it removed if possible. Not sure if it’s salvageable. 
    • “We’ve got what I think is mold under the stairs. I’m not sure how it got there and that’s the first thing we need help figuring out “
    • “Can you work with the insurance company to get the mold in our new home removed? We’ve already filed a claim but I’m not sure of all the steps.”
    • “Our business has been closed during the pandemic and now we’ve got mold in the kitchen. We can’t open again until this get taken care of. ”
    • “I’ve got an apartment building on the southeast side of town with some greenish looing mold in the common area. Can you get someone out there? “
    • “I’ve got a bathroom and a bedroom full of mold. Please call.”
    • “Mold in multiple parts of my waterfront home. Need help figuring out the source and how to remove it from here.”
    • “Our Air BNB has mold growing in the ceiling. We need it gone as soon as possible. “
    Is There A Guarantee?


    We’re one of only a handful of companies that will actually offer a guarantee on our services. 

    That means we’re willing to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk and back it all up. 

    In short, it works like this: 

    We agree on a number of leads that will make you profitable. If we can’t hit that number of leads then you don’t pay us. 

    It’s that simple. 

    We can’t guarantee you jobs because we aren’t on the phone with the leads. 

    But we can guarantee that we can bring leads to you. 

    Check around for other mold remediation lead generation companies that are offering ANY kind of guarantee. 

    And when you’re ready…

    Click here to apply. 

    How Many Leads Can I Expect?

    It’s impossible to say without more information. 

    Remember, with a focus on search engine leads we’re getting in front of people who are already searching. 

    If people aren’t searching…

    Then there aren’t any leads. 

    Depending on your area and season, there are more or fewer people searching for mold removal and remediation services at any given time. 

    That being said, our goal is always to get you as many as leads as possible. 

    AND everything is backed by our guarantee so you never need to worry about falling flat and paying for nothing. 




    When Do The Leads Start?

    in most cases, you can expect to get your first lead within 14 days of signing up. 

    Why Pick Your Company?

    There are A LOT of companies trying to generate leads for mold remediation. 

    Some of them are great…

    Others, not so much. 

    With so many choices it can be hard to decide which company to work with. 

    First off, you typically don’t have to decide at all. 

    There’s no reason you can’t have multiple lead generation companies working on generating leads. 

    Even it means they’re competing with themselves. 

    We’re confident enough that we welcome competition. 

    Second, we’re one of the only companies that will even entertain the guarantee conversation. 

    And with our Return-on-Investment Guarantee, you’ve got a lot to gain and very little to lose. 

    Third, our leads are exclusive. That means you can expect a real partnership and not just a bunch of tired old leads that have been passed around to every contractor in our city. 




    Are The Lead Actually Exclusive?

    Yes, every lead is 100% exclusive. 

    We simply don’t work any other way. 

    How will you know for sure? 

    Because customers will pick up the phone and call YOUR business and ask for your brand by name. 

    You don’t have to cross-reference an app or just guess. 

    You’ll know that the leads are exclusive from the second you answer the phone. 

    How Do I Know Which Calls Are From You?

    95% of calls are tracked via our advanced call tracking platform.

    Not only will be notified as soon as you answer the call that the lead came from us, but you’ll also have the 24-hour access to a complete dashboard of calls. 

    In short, we make it easy to know which calls are from us and which aren’t. 

    So you never have to guess whether or not our leads are working- you’ll know. 

    Can You Send Water Damage Restoration Leads?

    We know that many mold remediation contractors also offer fire, water, and smoke damage restoration. 

    If these are part of your core services we can absolutely add them into your lead generation package. 

    Just let us know during your call. 

    Ready To Get Started?