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Sixty-Four Leads delivers exclusive, qualified and premium house cleaning leads that work.

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We work with one house cleaning partner in any given market which means every lead is exclusive to your business.


You only pay for qualified leads from people looking for cleaning services.

Simple Pricing

Your price per exclusive lead is competitive and based on real market data for your area.

How Much Does A House Cleaning Lead Cost?


At Sixty-Four Leads, we do things differently.

That includes lead pricing. Instead of having a one size fits all number for cleaning lead pricing, we look at the big picture for your specific market when we provide you with a quote. We analyze and evaluate market data to come up with the most competitive lead price possible. 

At the end of the day, you end up a with a data-driven quote based on real market data and not a hopeful estimate or range based on best possible conditions.

Additionally, we don’t charge you a dime until the first five leads have been delivered.

You don’t have to wonder if we’re the real deal- we’re willing to show you.

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Partnership Makes All The Difference

We aren’t looking to find as many cleaning services as possible and try to sell them all the same leads over and over.

Our business model doesn’t work like that.

Instead, we work with one cleaning service provider in each market and provide with the best cleaning leads possible. We’re invested in your success because when you succeed we both grow.

With our partnership, we both get to do what we’re best at: we send you high-quality, easy to close cleaning leads and you focus on landing jobs and providing amazing service.

We aren’t as cheap as some shared lead providers you may have gotten quotes from. But services like this can charge much, much less for each lead because they’re reselling them to you and at least two of your favorite competitors. 

As a result, these service providers are much less invested in your success.

We’re not looking to push leads to just anyone.

We’re looking for a partnership.

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What Do Our Partners Say About Sixty-Four Leads?

Every day, we help local businesses grow, expand and reach their goals.

Logan and the team at Sixty-Four leads really know their stuff! They’ve been great to work with!
Kaylee L.

Denver, CO

Sixty-Four Leads has delivered for us month after month for the last year. We started getting leads within after a week of signing up and they’ve increased steadily from there.
Bonnie D.

Littleton, CO

Easy to work with and they’ve helped us get found. Wish I found them sooner.
Elly J.

Joliet, IL

Where Do The Leads Come From?

The Sixty-Four Leads lead generation system focusing on finding people who are actively looking for your service in your area.

We do this by making sure your business or lead generation properties show up in the top results of Google. When someone types in “house cleaner near me” we make sure you show up.

Because the majority of leads come from people actively looking for your business, they’re easier to close. You can also expect to start getting calls within a week of signing up.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing create the foundation for what we do but we also incorporate Social Media Marketing as well.

The short version is this: when you work with Sixty-Four Leads, you get a complete house cleaning marketing machine that has been proven to work over and over again.

You get exclusive house cleaning leads without having to worry, micromanage or work extra hours.

And you only pay for the results.

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Why Work With Sixty-Four Leads?

Still have questions about us? Let’s go over a few more basic points about why we’re a different kind of lead generation company. 

With Sixty-Four Leads you get: 

  • Exclusive, never shared leads. 
  • You only pay for results in the form of qualified leads. 
  • Leads go directly to your phone or inbox. 
  • No monthly fee. 
  • You’re never locked in. Cancel anytime you’d like. 
  • We’re 100% results driven. 

We hold ourselves to a high standard and we expect the same from our house cleaning partners. Here’s what we’re looking for

  • A clear system for answering calls. Missed calls are not an option!
  • Ability to consistently close qualified leads.
  • Great service and happy customers!

Does this sound like you?


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House Cleaning Lead Examples


Here are some actual examples of house cleaning leads that we’ve generated for our cleaning partners.

  • “Looking for a twice weekly clean. 1200 sq ft. We have 2 dogs”
  • “Mother in law is having surgery in 2 weeks and we want to gift her with house cleaning. 750 sq ft. Looking for every 2 weeks”
  • “My husband just moved into a new place and it needs a deep clean. As soon as possible please”
  • “Looking for house cleaning every two weeks. We have 2 cats and a finished basement. 2 story house. Not sure on sq footage.” 
  • “2500 sq ft-3bed 3.5bath, plus 1bed, 1 bath basement(on occasion). Bi-weekly house cleaning”
  • “4,000 sq ft. Window blinds, baseboards, floors, shower doors, etc general monthly deep cleaning”
  • “Need quote on bi-weekly cleaning. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2225 sq ft”
  • “3000 sq ft (3.5 bathrooms with tile floors, laundry room tiled floor, carpet only in 3 bedrooms and area carpets in main living and great-room/theater rooms, remaining floors wood and engineered wood all need to be cleaned vacuumed. ”
  • “3 bd room apartment for cleaning every 2 weeks”
  • “I’m a realtor that needs regular move out cleanings for properties. Looking for quote on a property that will be vacant next week.”
  • “We just had a baby and need help keeping up with housework. Looking for bi-weekly house cleaning wondering what else you can help with.”
  • “Looking for weekly house cleaning if possible. Very busy household with 3 active kids and 2 dogs”

Are The Leads Worth It?


Every one of our partners enjoys a huge return on investment. But let’s still run through some quick math to see how everything works.

First off, the cost of a qualified house cleaning lead is going to be different for each market. But for this example, we’re going to use $35 for the cost of an exclusive and qualified house cleaning lead.

How many of those leads could you close?

Remember, these are calls from motivated customers who are actively looking for house cleaning services! Most of our house cleaning partners can close at least 50% so let’s play it safe and say you’re at a 40% close rate.

Now let’s crunch some numbers:

  • 10 cleaning leads at $35 each generates 4 new cleaning clients at a total cost of $350 to you.
  • Let’s say a new client is worth on average $250 over a 30 day period (that’s with a few deep cleanings but mostly bi-weekly cleanings).
  • That’s $1,000 in revenue in about 30 days or a 198% return on your investment.

And we haven’t even touched on lifetime value. 

Remember, those regular clients will keep coming back to you month after month. Which means your ROI increases month after month.

As an example, let’s say just one of those clients stays on for 12 months and gets two house cleanings a month. Now you’re looking at a return on investment of 997%

We also know you can do better than a 40% close rate and a 25% client retention rate.

Which means your return is even higher than our example.

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