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Campaign Building For Tree Service Companies

We give your campaign the best chance to get you top results with our expert lead generation team. Our methods have been tried and proven. We optimize all settings and options to give you the best edge over your competitors.

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Extensive Keyword Research

We have the data-based knowledge of what ranks and what doesn’t rank for optimal results. We do extensive keyword research specifically in the industry so that you can get the leads you are looking for!

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First-Rate Tracking

We closely keep track of all of our clients’ progress and results from campaign creation onward. Our methods involve testing and tracking so that we know what works best for you! We make data-driven moves as needed to keep your campaign competitive every step of the way.

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No Long Term Contracts

Stay because you’re making money- not because of a contract. We won’t tie you down long-term

How We Generate Tree Service Leads

When someone needs a tree service, what do they do first? 

If they’re like most people, they start with a search on Google or Bing. 

Someone is already showing up every time someone searches for “tree removal near me.”

Why can’t it be you? 

It can. And we can help. 

The Sixty-Four Leads method focuses on making sure your business is in the right place at the right time so that customers can easily find your business and call. 

All you have to do is answer the phone like you already do and provide awesome service. 

No apps, no tracking down leads, no hassle. 

Just results. 

Ready to learn more? 

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“We’re seeing a huge ROI from Sixty-Four Leads. Best service we’ve ever used. “

Mark P.

Thornton Creek Tree Service

Partnership and the Sixty-Four Leads Difference

What does it really mean when a lead generation company works with any company. 

Even 10+ tree service companies in the same service area. 

It means they’re playing a numbers game where the more people they can buy their leads the better. 

But let’s look at another scenario…

What does it mean when a lead generation company provides tree service leads to ONE company in any area. 

Sounds a lot more like a partnership, right? 

Because if that company can’t deliver…they don’t have 10 other guys to sell leads too. 

In fact, they’re really all-in on that one tree company. 

That’s how we do things at Sixty-Four Leads and we think it makes all the difference. 

If you aren’t happy, neither are we. 

And just take things even further, we even back everything up with our Return On Investment Guarantee. 

It works like this: if we can’t send enough leads for you to generate a return on your investment then you don’t pay us. 

We’re one of the few lead generation companies that’s actually willing to put their own paycheck on the line. 

But that also means we don’t work with any tree service company. 

Instead, we want to work the best. 

We expect you to have a solid system for answering calls and turning those calls into jobs. We also expect that you have solid reviews and excellent customer service. 

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Learn More About Tree Service Lead Generation

How Much Do Tree Service Leads Cost?

The cost per tree lead is going to depend on your specific service area and the competition there. 

While we can’t give you a definitive number without learning more about your business you should know that everything we do is backed by our Return On Investment Guarantee. 


That means that no matter what your lead price ends up being, we guarantee that you’ll get enough leads to generate a positive ROI on every marketing dollar. 

Sound like a good deal? 

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Do You Use Long Term Contracts?


You’re never locked into our service. Instead, we expect you to stay because of the money you’re making and not because of some piece of paper. 

Many shared lead providers need to lock you in because the simple fact is, they aren’t confident they can deliver. 

That’s not a problem here. 

When you’re ready to get your own exclusive tree service leads, click here to apply. 

How Can I Get Started?

All you need to do to get started is click here to apply

But just a quick heads up. 

Because we only work with one tree service partner in any given area we prefer to work with the best. 

You’ve got to have a clear system for answering your phone that’s more than “I grab the call when I’m not in a tree.”

The simple fact is, if no one answers the calls then no one is happy. 

No matter how many tree leads we send, the ROI for unanswered calls is also negative.

You’ve also got to provide amazing customer service. But that should be a given. 

If that sounds like you, click the link above to apply today. 

What Kind Of Tree Leads Are These?

We work with full-service tree service companies and so we provide the same kind of leads. 

These tree leads cover everything from large removals, stump grinding, tree trimming, and pruning. 

We expect you have the type of equipment required to get this work done. 


How Long Have You Been In Business?

We’re a small business, too! We’ve been in business since 2016 and in that time we’ve generated thousands (and thousands) of tree leads. 

Do You Use My Tree Company’s Branding?

We generate leads for YOUR business, not ours. 

That means we aren’t funneling customers through a site where they can choose from dozens of contractors and you just get to hope that you’ll be in the running. 

Instead, when we generate a lead it’s from a customer that wants to talk to YOU and your business. 

This means a higher quality lead and an overall higher close rate.

    Tree Service Lead Examples

    Here are some examples of the type of tree removal, trimming and pruning leads you can expect:

    • I need a quote for the removal of two Aspens trees both in the backyard. I need the stump removed too as we’re looking to do an extension of our home. 
    • I’ve got a dead tree that’s starting to lean into the neighbour’s house. I need a quote for removal (today if possible). 
    • We have a kiwi tree that is in desperate need of a trim. I’m out of town next week but you can come by for an estimate still.
    • We have 10 trees that all need trimming before they get any worse. 
    • I need treatment for an aspen. Not sure if it’s dead but I know it isn’t healthy.  
    • We had two trees split in yesterday’s storm. Need someone to come out and figure out what we can do with them. One of them is leaning into a neighbors fence. 
    • We’ve got 2 large elm trees that need several branches cut.
    • I’ve got several trees with messed up limbs after the snowstorm. I don’t know if they need to be cut or what. Can someone come take a look?
    Do You Provide A Guarantee?

    Everything we do at Sixty Four Leads is backed by our return on investment guarantee. 

    The way it works is simple, if we can’t generate the number of leads you would need to produce a positive ROI, then you simply don’t us for the next. Month.

    That’s right, if we can’t deliver we’ll work for free until we do. 

    But the fact is…we’ve never had to even implement this guarantee for any tree service client.

    How Many Tree Leads Can You Send?

    We can’t answer this without learning more about your business since this is going to depend on:

    • How large of an area you serve
    • The population of that area
    • The seasons and climate in your area
    • Your budget

    We can give you a much better idea of tree lead volume once we can answer these questions.


    How Soon Can I Expect My Tree Leads?

    Our tree service clients can expect to see leads within 14 business of signing up. 

    That means if you’re hungry for leads now you should apply today!

    Click here to get started. 

    Why Work With Sixty-Four Leads?

    It’s pretty simple. 

    It all comes down to two things: 

    First, we offer 100% exclusive tree leads that are easy to close. Remember, these people are telling us that they need a tree service. 

    Second, we back everything up with our ROI guarantee. If we can’t deliver then you don’t pay us. 

    Feel free to check with other companies and see if they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is….

    And when you’re ready, click here to apply. 


    Are These Leads Really Exclusive?


    100% exclusive, ever single time. 

    How will you know for sure? 

    Well, feel free to ask the caller. 

    But you’ll also notice that they’re calling YOUR business by YOUR name. 

    They’ve seen your logo and your brand- not ours. 

    When you’re ready to get the exclusive lead difference, click here to apply. 

    How Do I Know Which Tree Calls Are From You?

    Everything we do is completely transparent and tracked. 

    Using advanced call tracking, you’ll have total access to all calls. You’ll also know the second we send a call that it’s from us.

    There’s never any guessing or confusion. 

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