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We give your campaign the best chance to get you top results with our expert lead generation team. Our methods have been tried and proven. We optimize all settings and options to give you the best edge over your competitors.

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We have the data-based knowledge of what ranks and what doesn’t rank for optimal results. We do extensive keyword research specifically in the industry so that you can get the leads you are looking for!

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We closely keep track of all of our clients’ progress and results from campaign creation onward. Our methods involve testing and tracking so that we know what works best for you! We make data-driven moves as needed to keep your campaign competitive every step of the way.

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How We Get Wrecker Towing Service Leads

We make sure your towing business is there the second someone needs you. 

Because when someone is stuck on the side of the road they don’t call around for referrals, check Facebook or waste time. 

They want a solution and they want it fast… 

They use Google to find the best heavy duty towing company near them and we make sure that it’s you.

That means these are high-quality and easy-to-convert leads. No insurance cuts or run around here. 

These are calls directly to YOUR business from people who need a towing service. 

If you can handle more calls and have more than one truck, apply today and let’s make your business grow. 

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“We got over 200 calls last month. Good work.”

Marco G.

Super Towing

The Difference Is Partnership

We work with one heavy duty towing company in any specific area.

And that’s the big difference between Sixty-Four Leads and other lead generation companies.

We aren’t spending our time trying to get more wrecker tow truck companies to buy the same leads.

Our business just doesn’t work like that.

Instead, we’re focused on getting more leads for YOUR towing company.

With our partnership, we both get to do what we’re best at.

You get to close jobs and provide awesome service while we focus on making your phone ring day and night.

Everybody wins.

But we don’t work with any heavy duty towing company.

Because we focus on one partner per area, we want to work with the best.

That means you answer the phone professional, close most of your calls and deliver high quality service.

If that sounds like you, click the button below to apply and let’s get started.


Learn More About Heavy Duty Towing Lead Generation

How Much Do Wrecker Towing Service Leads Cost?

The lead cost will be different based on your location but our goal is to always get you the most leads for the best price. 

That being said, most of our partners see calls at around $12 to $15 each in large metro areas with 200+ calls a month. 

If you’re closing at 50% you can expect to book jobs for $24 to $30. 

Sound good? 


Then let’s get started. 

Click here to apply.

Do You Use Contracts?


We don’t have a need to lock our towing partners into a service they don’t want just because of a piece of paper. 

Not our style. 

Instead, we expect you to stay because you’re making money. 

Simple as that. 

Will You Work With Smaller Towing Companies?

We want to work with the best towing companies regardless of size. 

But we have found that towing operations with only 1 truck aren’t able to keep up with the volume of leads we send. 

Customers want fast arrival and with one truck it’s simply not possible. 

So if you can handle at least 100 extra calls per month, we can work together. 

When you’re ready, click here to apply. 

Are These Heavy Duty Only Leads?

We primarily provide heavy duty towing leads for semi trucks, buses, and RVs.

But if you also can handle car towing, truck towing, motorcycles , etc,  we can help you get light-duty towing calls, too. 

Just let us know when you apply. 

How Much Time Will It Take?

You want leads but don’t have time to mess around with complicated apps or fill out a dozen forms. 

We get it. 

After the first onboarding call, everything else is completely “hands-free.”

That means you don’t have to do anything but answer your phone and close jobs. 

You know, that things that actually make you money. 

We think that’s how marketing should be. 


Will You Use My Towing Brand?

Everything is always in your brand.

As you probably already know, there are a lot that try to hold you hostage by using their brand instead of yours. 

That’s not how we roll. 

Everything is always done with your towing brand. 

That means customers call asking for your business. 

That also means it’s your business and brand that starts to get recognized and noticed so you can build YOUR brand and not ours. 

    Towing Lead Examples

    Here are some examples of the type of towing leads you can expect:

    • Overturned Semi-Truck Recovery: A semi-truck carrying a full load loses control and overturns on a highway, blocking traffic and potentially causing a hazardous situation.
    • Construction Equipment Transportation: Large construction equipment like excavators, bulldozers, or cranes needs to be moved from one job site to another.
    • Bus Breakdown Assistance: A city bus or tour bus experiences a mechanical failure in a busy urban area or on a remote road.
    • Accident Scene Management: Following a multi-vehicle accident involving one or more heavy vehicles, heavy-duty wreckers are essential for clearing the vehicles and debris from the road, ensuring the safety of the accident scene, and reopening traffic lanes.
    • Off-Road Recovery: A heavy vehicle veers off the road into a ditch, embankment, or difficult terrain, making standard recovery methods impractical
    • Heavy Load Shifting: A truck carrying heavy or oversized loads may experience load shifting, causing potential safety risks or the inability to continue traveling.
    • Bridge Recovery Operations: A heavy vehicle becomes disabled or gets into an accident on a bridge, presenting unique challenges due to limited space and access.
    Is There A Guarantee?

    We always back everything up with our Return on Investment guarantee. 

    It’s always risky working with a new lead generation company but we’re here to give you peace of mind. In short, if we don’t deliver the number of leads you need then you don’t pay us. 

    That’s it. 

    Sound like the kind of company you’d like to work with? 

    Apply here. 

    How Many Towing Leads Can I Expect?

    We can’t say for sure without knowing your service area and budget.

    But our partners with larger budgets in major metro areas can see as many as 300+ calls in a month. 

    How Soon Will I Get The Leads?<br />

    You can expect your first call within 14 days of signing up. 

    In many cases, we can do it faster. 

    If you want leads fast, apply today and let’s get started. 

    Click here to apply. 

    Why Work With You?

    Because we actually deliver results.

    Everyone says it but most of the time they can’t provide it.

    But when you work with Sixty-Four Leads here’s what you can expect:

    • Exclusive phone calls directly to your business.
    • Lead guarantees for everything we do.

    But expectations go both ways.

    We want to work with towing partners who have their act together. We expect you to:

    • Answer the phone with a professional attitude.
    • Dependable operations so you arrive exactly when you say you will.
    • Great customer service and solid reviews.

    Does that sound like you and your team?

    Then let’s get started!

    Click here to apply!

    How Can I Tell Which Calls Are From You?

    We always used advanced tracking to make sure we know exactly which calls came from us. 

    How Long Have You Been Working With Towing Companies?

    We’ve been working with towing professionals for half a decade. 

    We understand the business and know that cash calls are the lifeblood of most successful towing businesses. 

    That is unless you want to get stuck handling insurance jobs for pennies. 

    We know what you need and we know how to deliver. 

    Ready To Get Started?