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Campaign Building For Roof Repair Companies

We give your campaign the best chance to get you top results with our expert lead generation team. Our methods have been tried and proven. We optimize all settings and options to give you the best edge over your competitors.

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Extensive Keyword Research

We have the data-based knowledge of what ranks and what doesn’t rank for optimal results. We do extensive keyword research specifically in the industry so that you can get the leads you are looking for!

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First-Rate Tracking

We closely keep track of all of our clients’ progress and results from campaign creation onward. Our methods involve testing and tracking so that we know what works best for you! We make data-driven moves as needed to keep your campaign competitive every step of the way.

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No Long Term Contracts

Stay because you’re making money- not because of a contract. We won’t tie you down long-term

How We Generate Roof Repair Leads

We help roof repair companies grow their business with powerful lead generation services.


Thousands of people every single day are searching online for local roofing contractors. And these individuals are ready to BUY. One study found that about 88% of local searches done from a mobile device lead to a call within 24 hours! 

Are you showing up? 

If not, you can bet your competition is.

This is where we come in.

We make sure that your company is front and center the moment people in your area need you. 

We make sure that you show up in search results and that potential customers actually pick up the phone and call you.

Then, all you need to do is continue normal business and close sales.

Don’t the competition take these valuable leads – get your brand out there with the help of our lead generation agency!

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“Best leads we’ve gotten from anyone. Hands down. “

Michelle J.

The Difference Is Partnership

The unique part about Sixty-Four Leads is that we work with one roof repair company in any specific area. 

This makes all the difference! Unlike other lead generation companies, we offer 100% exclusive leads so you’re not competing with other companies in your industry.

Our mission is to direct more calls to YOUR company.

When you work with us, we both get to focus on what we’re good at.

You get to close jobs and provide excellent service while our team focuses on making your phone ring off the hook.

A win-win situation.

Ready to get started? 

Before you apply, keep in mind that because we only work with one company in any given industry in a specific area, we can be very selective with who we work with.

We’re looking for the best.

So if you are reliable and answer the phone, close most of your calls, and provide high-quality and highly-rated services, you are what we’re looking for.

Go ahead and click the button below, and we look forward to receiving your application!

Learn More About Roof Repair Lead Generation

How Much Does It Cost?

We can’t give you a one-and-done answer right now.


Because every market and industry is different and there are several factors involved.

After you apply, we can talk about your budget, service area, and the type of roof repair jobs you want.

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Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

Absolutely not.

We are confident that we can deliver on our promise and help grow your business.

We would rather our clients stay on because they LOVE the results they’re seeing rather than because they are stuck in a contract. 

Plus, we’ve never had a need for long-term contracts. 

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time if you are not seeing a positive return on your investment.

Enjoy our zero-commitment service and apply today!

Do You Work With Any Other Service Provider In My Industry?

The short answer is no.

We only work with one roofing contractor in any specific location. So we don’t work with any other service provider in your service area.

Because of this, we can be picky with the companies we work with.

If you think you are a superior contractor with reliable employees, then go ahead and apply today!

What Kind Of Clients Do You Send?

You can expect a nice mix of residential and commercial jobs.

You’ll be busy!

How Much Time Will It Take?

Most contractors we work with see their first lead from us within 14 days of signing up.

However, the time it will take depends on your service area, market, competition, and other factors.

Do You Use My Business Name and Brand?

Everything we do is in your name and not ours.

We are not a shared lead provider that uses your company to grow our own brand. Our mission is to grow YOUR business.

This means potential customers see your logo, brand name, and service(s). They are calling YOU, not us.

    Is There A Guarantee?

    There sure is!

    It’s simple: we guarantee that you will generate enough leads to see a return on your investment.

    If you don’t, then you don’t pay and we handle the consequences, NOT you!

    What’s unique about our business strategy is that we are willing to go out of our way to create a real win-win situation. When you win, we win. It’s that simple.

    Sound like a plan? 

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    How Many Roof Repair Leads Can I Expect?

    That depends on several things:

    • Are you and your team good at closing calls?
    • How large is your service area?
    • What is your marketing budget?

    Once we know the answers to those questions, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the number of jobs you can expect.

    To learn more, click here to apply. 

    How Long Have You Been In Business?

    Since 2016!

    And since then, we’ve helped dozens of local contractors throughout the nation generate the calls they want and need to grow their business.

    Why Should I Work With You?

    For two reasons:

    • You get 100% exclusive (never shared) calls
    • You are never locked into a contract and can cancel anytime
    • You are protected by our ROI Guarantee

    Awesome, right?

    Feel free to compare us with other lead-generation agencies if see if they provide the same protection as we do.

    When you’re ready…

    Click here to apply. 

    Are These Leads Really Exclusive?


    How will you know for sure?

    Ask the customer!

    You’ll notice that they are calling YOU and asking for YOUR brand and no one else’s.

    100% exclusive, every single time. 

    How Do I Know Which Leads You Sent?

    Every call generated by us is completely tracked with advanced call tracking software.

    You will have 24/7 access to your call tracking so you are always kept in the loop.

    No tricks, just 100% transparency!

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